Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Too much rain

What a difference a few days can bring. On Friday I was looking forward to seeing some much needed rain. By Monday Queensland was in flood.
A rain depression (ex-cyclone Oswald) had made its way slowly down the coast causing huge amounts of rain, strong winds and rough seas.
450mm of rain was collected in our rain gauge. The rain seemed to be horizontal at times so some may have missed. I haven't checked the official rain tally.
We had next to no damage at home - just a few plants flattened and some fallen branches. Others were not so fortunate. These are a couple of photos from our local newspaper.

The town of Bundaberg is facing a terrible flood.
The Brisbane River invaded riverside businesses and is expected to rise even more today.
It was almost exactly 2 years ago we had the flood which caused so much damage to the city so people were understandably anxious to see the threat of another flood. The experts are saying that there will be flooding but nowhere near the extent of two years ago. 

With the huge waves and high tides, the ocean engulfed a number of beachfront buildings as well.

The combination of soaking rain and high winds brought down many trees.

The weather system has moved south into New South Wales and is still causing problems.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Australia really is a land of extremes.


  1. we certainly need some rain, but that was just a bit too much! We are fine too, but many of our neighbours will be fixing fences and will lose crops that are now underwater.

  2. I've been away on holiday and only caught up on reading some blogs yesterday. And I was wondering about you after seeing your previous post.

  3. From one extreme to another, hopefully the torrential rains and wind will subside soon

  4. So sorry to hear of all the flooding, I hope that the rain eases up soon.
    Gosh, we do have to be so careful what we wish for....all you wanted was a little rain, and then all this rain showed up......
    Glad you fared okay, but I hope the other folks badly affected will be okay. Lost of business in these harsh times is no fun.

  5. Do you think too many of us were wishing for a good bout of rain and all our prayers were answered in spades? In Sydney we got a good steady rain, nothing like you lived through. And that wind sounds awful. I'm glad you didn't have any real damage.

  6. Oh, how sad. I can't imagine living through a flood and all the clean up entailed after the water recedes. I'm glad your property was spared the worst of the damage.

    I hope the weather calms down soon and that everyone is safe.

  7. It was good to see a little sunshine today - hope it lasts till the weekend. Everything smells so damp here (with that special extra touch - eau de damp dogs) that I am looking forward to throwing all the windows open and letting fresh air and sunshine in.

  8. Brisbane certainly seems flood prone. I was up there a week ago and thought how dry the place seemed; everything was bone dry. I left and the next day the flooding occured. Very sad indeed


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