Saturday, 9 March 2013

A gardener's work is never done

With all the rain we've had recently the garden is looking lush and healthy - quite beautiful (if you can ignore the weeds).

The little native violets have appreciated extra water. They were struggling to survive in the heat with an occasional splash from the hose.

A couple of new gingers are waiting to be planted.
The pentas are doing well. I cut them back over winter and they took quite a while to recover. Butterflies love them so I think I will be adding more around the garden next spring.
The cannas love this weather.

We had a couple of fine days during the week. John was able to get some mowing done and some tidying and weeding. After rain is the best time to weed the garden. The ground is soft and the pull out so easily.

He got the back corner done, but it's now the weekend and of course it's raining again.


  1. It's a continuous process indeed!

    Despite the rains there the garden is looking lovely!

  2. You are so right in that a gardener's work is never done.
    Here is bone dry, and the lawn (what lawn) is a crispy field of grass and weeds. The earth is cracked and plants are requiring water every two days almost.
    At least you had some rain, and your garden is looking well for it.
    Don't get me started on pulling weeds.

  3. So beautiful! One would never know you are in Australia, by the pictures it looks like you live in tropical Hawaii, lol. Love your gingers, wish I could grow more of them here. Hope you have a great week! :)

    Best wishes,


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