Monday, 22 April 2013

A Perfect Autumn Day

Autumn has begun.
I know that officially it began at the start of March but the weather has seemed more like Summer (with heat and rain) until now. The evenings and mornings are cooler and the weather is fine and sunny. It's a beautiful time of year.

The fragrant Hedychium gingers are blooming a little late this year but very welcome. I wish there was smell-a-vision to share their perfume with you.

Meanwhile, winter flowering plants like the Brazilian Red Cloak and calliandras are also blooming.
We are experiencing the best of both seasons in the garden at the moment.

Our climate allows us to garden all year round with different plants looking their best in each season. In planning the garden I've tried to include plants for each season and somewhat succeeded. Most of my cool weather bloomers, I've realised, have red flowers. They make the garden feel warmer and brighter on cold days and look so good against the greens.

I didn't do a lot in the garden over the weekend, just a bit of weeding and watering the vegetable patch (which is coming along nicely) but this weather is making me want to take some time off work to spend digging in the dirt and playing with plants.

The weekend wasn't wasted however. We spent the afternoon yesterday with some wonderful friends and on Saturday I finished two paintings I've been working on for a while.

This one had been sitting unfinished in a corner for a few years.

I am so enjoying getting back into painting. I haven't painted for ages and I'm very much an amateur, but it's relaxing and enjoyable. It also makes you appreciate your surroundings with renewed vision - to notice the small details, the play of light on a leaf, the colours and shapes of clouds, the fall of shadows. For me, it makes the world a more interesting place.


  1. We love your paintings, especially the koi one as you can imagine :)

    Autumn can be a beautiful time of the year indeed, when temperatures feels just right. Enjoy the lovely weather, it sounds like it is perfect to get stuck in and do some gardening!

  2. I know what you mean about the hedychium gingers....the smell is heavenly.
    I love the white butterfly gingers, but my girlfriend has a pale yellow one as well.
    You are very talented....loved both paintings.
    Remember if you don't use it, you lose it, so keep up with the painting, we wouldn't want to have such great talent go to waste, now would we?

  3. You painted those? WOW!!! They're really beautiful! Your garden is gorgeous. Red seems to be the color of fall, regardless of the hemisphere you live in. :o)

  4. It is good to be able to garden, and have plants flowering all year round, we do live in a great country. Those paintings are really nice, I hope you are going to frame them.

  5. "Autumn can be a beautiful time of the year indeed, when temperatures feels just right."

    Definitely agree on this one.

  6. I agree; this is a special time of year. Our days are warm and nights are cool here in Sydney, too. I will post pics of my flowering plants soon too


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