Friday, 26 April 2013

A perfect time for gardening

Gardeners know that although there is work to be done throughout the year some seasons beckon the them to come out and play more than others.

Bright sunny skies and a soft cool breeze make this time of year just perfect for spending time on the garden.

Each season has its good points in our garden.
Spring brings new growth and warmth after the chill of Winter which in turn gives us a chance to catch our breath and to undertake landscaping projects and redesign the garden.
Summer is a time of lush growth and enjoying the longer daylight hours, but it can also be a frantic time for maintenance - keeping the grass mowed, weeding and trimming back plants whose growth is a bit too exuberant.
Autumn has it's own worth. In the subtropics, we rarely get to  see the changing colour or falling of leaves. What we have are clear blue skies and mild temperatures to greet us each day and tempt us into the garden.
The vegetable patch is full speed ahead at this time of year. We eat salads all year round and it won't be long before these lettuce are ready to harvest.
The bok choy and pak choy are destined for stir-fries. The carrots have spouted but we'll have to wait a while for them yet (and the broccoli). We're already using the basil, parsley and chives.
The mizuna is powering on as well - destined for salads mainly.
The passionfruit flowers are turning into fruit.
The eggplants are ripening. Eggplant lasagne - YUM! - with a home grown salad.
There is more coriander that we will ever use. I saved seed from last years plants and scattered a few (well quite a few). I think they must have all germinated because we have hundreds of seedlings.
We don't have the beauty of trees turning golden and red but Autumn in the subtropics has its own special beauty and bounty.


  1. I envy the health of your vegies, it seems like insects there always have full stomach. I wonder what they eat. I am salivating at the size of your leaves. In the case of my pots at my 5th floor window garden, the plants are eaten by birds even at the cotyledon stage. Those not usually eaten like ampalaya leaves are now eaten too! Grrr!

  2. Blue skies and soft breeze, sounds perfect! Autumn colours may not be there but the greenery more than makes up for it!

  3. Isn't it nice to be able to go into the garden and reap what you sowed?
    Fresh all round goodness. Everything looks so green and well taken care of....even your palms.
    Our rains only showed up for a few days, so now we're back to HOTT.
    Your desert rose flower is beautiful...enjoy.

  4. I have never been much of a food gardener, congrats on such a wonderful bounty and enjoy those delicious looking vegies. Sometimes our deciduous trees turn, and we get some lovely colours, but usually in early winter.

  5. Your veggies look great! Instead of falling leaves, you get salad weather. Not a bad trade off. :o)

  6. I love the palms flowers, later the seed bring so many birds into the garden. Your veggie patch is wonderful, looks so healthy, Salad days ahead and certainly keeps you in the pink! Like your style of painting. Truly, like you said every season has its merits, my favourite is autumn.


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