Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April flowers for GBBD

I love joining in Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. It's a chance to share my garden with other gardeners from around the world and to see their beautiful blooms. It has enabled me to see flowers
I never knew existed, visit beaytiful gardens and to experience Spring when it's Autumn here.

 I haven't joined in for quite some time, mainly  because I've been slack and when the 15th of each month arrives I haven't taken any photos. This month I am prepared (well more than usually anyway).

I wandered around my garden on Sunday with camera in hand and discovered quite a few blooms.
It's mid-Autumn but some of the Summer flowerers are still blooming as well.

The cannas will start to die back soon but still have a few flowers left.

There are still new blooms opening but they won't last long if we have a couple of cold mornings.

We've had quite a bit of rain and the blue ginger (which is not really a ginger at all) has responded by flowering. Hiding down below it is a bromeliad in bloom.

I rescued this plant from a friend's yard.  They had it growing in full sun and thought it looked ugly.  The poor thing was sunburnt and parched. It loves it's home in dappled light under a palm tree and in gratitude it flowers regularly and has become a large clump of plants. 

These bromeliads flower quite regularly as well. They like to be in the sun but are tolerating part shade at the moment. I'll divide them soon and plant some in a sunnier spot. In the sun they turn a brilliant pinky-orange.
Below the brom you may be able to see is another plant in flower - tiny white and purple  flowers.

This native violet (Viola hederacea) is a great goundcover for shady areas and so sweet. The flowers are about the size of a fingernail. (oops - a few weeds in there as well)

Nearby, frangipanis are still in bloom. They have begun dropping their leaves for Winter though so there won't be too many more flowers for a while.

The hibiscus seem to flower on and off throughout the year. They form an informal hedge around part of the pool area and need to be pruned a couple of times a year.

There are always a couple of blooms peeking trough the pool fence.

A couple of heliconias are still blooming

Pentas seem to prefer the cooler weather

The tibouchina is an Autumn bloomer

Bauhinia corymbosa is covered in flowers again.

Last but not least - passionfruit flowers on our new vines are a welcome sight.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comment! Oh my, you have gorgeous flowers. I have always said I am in zone denial. I love the tropicals and semi tropicals but they are a challenge in my hot dry Mediterranean like climate. I love the vivid colors of your plants!

  2. What amazing colours you have in your tropical garden. I gasped when I read that you pruned the hibiscus – here it is an indoor plant that needs a heated greenhouse in winter! Christina

  3. hi Missy, we have the same garden plants in your country and ours, even if our normal vegetation are different. But of course we also now have little patches of Oz because of the eucalyptus planted in highways. However, the effect of subtropical temps and rains are very visible in the growth of your plants. They look so vigorous and healthy, while ours are dwindling because of the heat. That blue ginger will not thrive here though.

  4. Love all that tropical colour and blooms you have in your garden! All gorgeous!

  5. You have a TON of beautiful blooms in your garden. The birds of paradise are stunning.
    I especially liked the Bauhinia corymbosa, I'll have to check that one out.

  6. So much in bloom in your garden! I think early fall is one of the best times for having many different flowers in bloom. Happy GBBD!

  7. This is what I call exotic. Lovely flowers that I'm mostly not familiar with. The Passion Flower would have to go in my greenhouse. Thanks for stopping by MacGardens for Bloom Day.

  8. The leaves on your cannas are amazing! And I envy you the passionflower. I tried to grow one, but I think the cold winter killed it.

  9. What wonderful exotic blooms! I love the hibiscus and the beautiful passionflower.

  10. Hey, your garden is so colourful and bright now!

  11. Stunning photos as well as very colorful garden..


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