Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tree dwelling chickens

The new girls have finally settled in to the purple palace.

For a while the older ladies had them bluffed and they would huddle together waiting to be picked on - either standing on their food bin or in a corner of the pen.  Feeding them vegetable scraps was like refereeing a boxing match - feather weight vs bantam weight.

That was until we gave them their own tree.

It's just a branch off a tree that was damaged during the storms in January. The girls spend most of their day climbing up and down or perched on a branch now. Even the older ladies have decided to become tree dwellers. It seems to have created much more harmony in the chook pen. Everyone has a turn.

We've started getting little eggs too - little white ones - so I'm not quite sure who has started laying - I'm guessing the black and white one.

The spirit of sharing and harmony must be catching. Usually the lorikeets and galahs will try to chase each other away. It's rare to see them eating together.

If birds can learn to share and live peacefully, maybe ........
Am I asking too much to expect it of humans?


  1. Humans are a trickier lot!

    That tree has done them wonders, in restoring peace and harmony within. Looks good there too!

  2. This was a lovely post...if only we could all get along all of the time, what a wonderful world it would be.
    I love the plumage of your chickens.
    The generation gap will always be in operation, but at least your young ones and old ones are learning to live peacefully. Thank goodness for that fallen tree limb.

  3. Oh you have beautiful ladies - and gosh I love that sign. So glad you have peace and harmony in your garden. Lets not stop trying for the humans.

  4. They are absolutely beautiful...such amazing colorful patterns! We had chickens growing up in Miami for a short time and boy were they lots of fun! As for us humans least we can have hope! :)

    Happy gardening and best wishes,

  5. I wish humans were as cooperative as chickens. Chickens in trees are always funny to me. It's interesting how something as simple as a big branch could solve your poultry problems. :o)


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