Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I’m sure most of you have heard the story of the man who filled a jar with stones until it was full, and then added pebbles that rolled between the rocks and again filled the jar. He then added sand, and again the sand filled the gaps until the jar was full. He then demonstrates that if you try it the other way around and don’t put the large stones first you will never fit everything in.
It’s a simple story that teaches a great lesson about putting the important things of life first.


In my life I have a few big rocks - my family, my husband, my children, our health (and Missy).
There are lots of pebbles. These are other things that also matter to me like my home, garden, friends, job, and things I enjoy doing (painting, cooking, blogging, holidays, music, etc)
Then there’s all the other stuff that fills my day like cleaning the house and shopping and watching TV and driving (I spend a lot of time in the car).  - The sand that can get in the way of more important things.
For quite some time I have made an effort to prioritise the rocks. Sometimes I’m successful. Sometimes not.
At the moment however there is a gigantic huge rock that needs my attention. The pebbles may get pushed aside and the sand will have to wait.

So please excuse my absence from the blogisphere over the next few weeks. I may call in occasionally to read or comment (or maybe even write a post), but someone very dear to me will be needing my time over the coming weeks and he comes first.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

What's Blooming Mid-May

Winter is on it's way. There's a nip in the air each morning and the sun is retiring early and sleeping in. We've a some rain but generally sunny clear days this month.

The poinsettias are coming into bloom. They always add colour during the cooler months. We prune them back each year after flowering and take cuttings so have quite a few throughout the garden.

When one is missed and allowed to grow without pruning, it reaches almost as high as the palm trees.

The Brazilian Red Cloak is covered in blooms. Some of the bracts are up to 30cm / 12 inches tall.

Continuing on the red theme, the callistomen has started to flower as well.

Pretty little ablutens
There are still flowers on the alamanda. It will be trimmed back soon (when all the flowers have finished).
Just a few blooms left on the tibouchina
 Justicia Brandegeana seems to like this time of year. The plants are almost covered by the ornamental sweet potato I used as a ground cover - but I like the contrasting colours.

I seem to have a couple of colour themes in different parts of the garden - the various reds and deep greens, then there's the yellows and purples. Complimentary colours on the colour wheel. Really, it's just which plants I like growing together.

an up close shot
The salvias have surpised me. I planted these last spring. They died back and sulked over summer and have started blooming again now that the weather has cooled a bit. - Maybe they've self-seeded and these are completely new plants. If so, the colour is true to form so I'm happy with the result.
I don't know it's name, but this bromeliad surprised me with it's "flower" as well.
Gardens are constantly changing, whether you want them too or not. I love to wander and observe. There are often surprises to be found. I love it when they are pleasant surprises.
Enough garden! It's game time!


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