Saturday, 14 September 2013

Little Golden Wyandotte (and friends)

How old would you guess this young lady might be?
She's a golden lace Wyandotte.
Last November we bought three new chickens to add variety to our flock. - an araucana, a speckled hamburg and a golden wyandotte.  At that time they would have been between six and eight weeks old so they are almost a year old now. She doesn't look one year old.
The other two are almost the same size as the older ladies but this little girl is still small and hasn't developed her comb yet. She has recently started to lay. 
She lays most days and seems quite healthy. She is just so much smaller than our other hens. Because she's the smallest, she is definitely at the bottom of the pecking order but seems to get enough to eat. She's very good at darting in between the other hens to steal special treats.
I'm not worried - just puzzled. From what I've read Wyandottes are usually large chubby looking birds.  She is tall and thin.

Being checked out by the ladies back in November when they first arrived
We get a real variety of shapes, sizes and colours each day. We often get 7 eggs from 7 hens so they are all laying regularly.  Lots of omelettes and quiches for us.
Our Isa Browns lay the large brown eggs
 This lady (an Australorp, I think) lays the large white ones
The speckled Hamburg lays small white ones and the gold Wyandotte lays small pale brown eggs.
 The Araucana lays the bluish green eggs. We definitely know when she's laid.
It's hard to get a longer shot of them when I'm in their pen because they come up to me to see what I've got in my hand  - might be food. Most times when I go into their pen I have kitchen scraps or treats from the vegie garden so you can't blame them.
They are quite a mix. All quite happy and content. I am puzzled about our little girl though. Have other people had chickens that are slow to grow?
Also, we can't let her out of the pen because she can fly like a wild bird.
Speaking of wild birds - The bird feeder is just outside the pen so the ladies get to check out the visitors. This scrub turkey is a regular at the moment. I know I shouldn't speak too soon, but it's been well behaved so far and hasn't destroyed anything. They have a reputation for wrecking gardens.


  1. She is one cute mama...I have never seen such a lovely chicken before...what gorgeous plumage.....I love it....reminds me of a Tiffany lamp.
    We're all different, so if she's small that might just be her genes. She looks healthy and cute.
    As for that wild turkey, keep an eye on him.

  2. What a beautiful bunch of birds, I adore our chooks, we have quite a few, and although they demolish the garden every now and then I still love them. I think your Gold Laced Wyandotte may actually be a Gold Laced Sebright, because she looks far more sebright than she does wyandotte. We've got some wyandottes ourselves and they are way bigger than what yours looks to be, I hope that helps :D

    1. Thank you so much Michael. I looked on google images and that's exactly what she is. She is a Sebright not a Wyandotte.

  3. What beautiful plumage! I often wish I had the room for chooks they look like such fun. I dont think the scrub turkeys do the damage - it is when the hens come in and want to build their huge nests that the trouble comes.

  4. I know nothing about chickens or hens, so I can't be of much help. Are they are lot of work to look after, I know it must be very rewarding to have fresh eggs.

    1. They really don't take a lot to look after. The best thing about chickens is the entertainment they provide, particularly when out in the garden. The eggs are a bonus.

  5. I love the unique patterns of the golden lace Wyandotte and speckled Hamburg chickens. Its great to have farm fresh eggs daily. Does Missy mess with chickens?


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