Monday, 23 September 2013

Maybe give it a rest for a while

I spent Sunday morning cleaning out the veggie patch.
These are the BEFORE pictures. There are no AFTER pictures yet. I didn't get it all finished.

Not the prettiest view of the garden you've ever seen, due to a combination of change of seasons, heat, no rain and lack of time to spend in the garden.
 In the picture above is a lovely selection of dead or dying Italian parsley, carrots and basil, broccholi and spring onions  - all were ripped out.

Here we have dead chilli plants, a few lonely beetroot the size of baseballs (and just as hard) eggplants and capsicum that are suffering from neglect. I left in the asparagus. It needs to be trimmed back and fed but will survive. I also left the sweet potato, but cut back a lot of excess vine. Apparently sweet potato thrives on neglect, so I've discovered. We are harvesting as we need them.

 The snow peas died off and collapsed as soon as the warm weather hit, so needed to be removed and the coriander bolted to seed. Even the tomato plants and quite a few of my herbs withered.

 There's some parsley and mint in this section struggling to hold on.

Generally by now I would have the Winter crops out and the Spring/Summer crops started but there hasn't been enough time lately. Other parts of the garden can get by without too much attention, but vegetables require regular care.

This year I've decided to take time out from the veggie patch and once everything is cleared, it will be covered in a thick layer of mulch and given a six month vacation. I love growing vegetables but unless I can give them the care they need there's no point planting more.

I've firmly decided - Better to have empty beds than dying plants.

Of course, as a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind.


  1. You've had a very challenging year, you deserve to take it easy. The veggies can wait :)

  2. It's a tough gig veggie gardening an they do take commitment but there is nothing wrong with having a break and coming back reinvigorated. Enjoy your time off.

  3. I am sure that if you cover the beds with the mulch the worms will be doing their bit to make your soil the best it has ever been. Enjoy your rest.

  4. Hey Missy's Mom, I am fully with you there "better having an empty beds than dying plants". If you will not change your mind before 6 months I am sure the beds will be full next time, a gardener is always a gardener no matter what the situations arise! I am at the 5th floor without space for plants and yet i manage to have a few too! I guess it is not just a habit, it is a life!

  5. Dear Missy, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Now tell Ros that my garden is looking a bit like hers and yours, and this hot dry weather isn't helping. In Dec each year I give up trying to grow much...except for good old sweet potatoes...they make a great ground cover. Do the bush turkeys cause havoc out your way? I bet you 'send them on their way', Missy! Unfortunately Eduardo, my cat, thinks the turkey is too big to 'take on'. :-)

    1. We get bush turkeys but so far they've left the garden alone. But I can't rely on Missy to chase them. She is just like Eduardo. She won't take on anything bigger than she is.

  6. The veggie garden bug will bite you again, don't worry.
    When I'm struggling with my own garden, I always tell myself that I'm going to throw in the towel, and then....the bug bites, and I get back in the ring again.
    I love a good fight.
    YES, we girls are famous for changing our's a girl thing, and we can't help


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