Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Feeling the heat

A thunderstorm is predicted for this afternoon. I hope it brings rain (lots of rain) without any destruction. We still haven't had any rain and the plants are all suffering.
Time to spend in the garden is a rare commodity lately. I've been busy at work. We've moved offices and, in the middle of moving, had our 4 yearly performance audit. John is slowly recovering from his surgery, but had a major setback when he strained his back a couple of weeks ago.  My son has been working 6 days per week lately and will be until Christmas, so can only help occasionally.....and, of course, Missy is a supervisor not a labourer - so the garden is definitely not at its best. If I sound a bit depressed by it all .... well I am.

Life at present reminds me of the frog in a pot of water. It is said that if you slowly turn up the heat the frog won't notice until it's too late.
I don't believe it.
I would hope I'm smarter and I jump before it gets too hot.

We've had a real estate agent come to give advice on selling and have begun looking at options to move somewhere smaller with less upkeep.
I love Missy's Garden and don't really won't to leave, but I don't want to see it deteriorate either.
No decisions have been made yet, but the water is certainly getting uncomfortably hot.

Perhaps I just need a bit of a rest.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Some Random Shots of the Garden

Thought I'd share a few random photos around the garden, in case you're wondering whether it's still there or not. It's lucky (for the neighbours) that our garden is screened by plants. I'm sure most people would think I was mad taking photos of plants so early in the morning in my PJs.... but I know garden bloggers understand.

 Recently the temperatures have been almost the same as mid-summer with quite a few days in in the high 30s, but we haven't had rain for many weeks. Tropical plants like moisture with their heat, so quite a few of them are not looking their best - but I know they'll survive. They've seen weather like this before and they are tough.

The tree ferns hate the dry heat. They got scorched on the first hot dry day but as long as we keep some water up to them they'll bounce back quickly once it rains.

The fish thought I was there to feed them.

Golden candles is covered in blooms. We have a few of these in the garden and they seem to do best when they get morning sun but  shelter in the heat of the day.

 Bougainvillea LOVE hot dry conditions. This is their favourite time of year. They are one of our few plants in flower at the moment. I keep my bougainvillea in pots to control their growth. If they were in the ground they would go berserk.

 In most gardens, particularly in temperate regions, Spring is the time for an abundance of blooms. For us, a hot dry Spring is more a time of keeping plants watered and mulched so they will survive until the Summer rains appear.

There are a few water features around the garden, as well as the pool (which has been getting quite a bit of use lately). Ponds and water features help with keeping some humidity in the air. Shade, of course, helps as well and as our garden matures and the trees grow taller there is more and more shade.

Bromeliads may look like they would be a fussy plant but are actually very tough. I'm sure though, like the rest of us, they would like it to rain soon......please!


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