Monday, 18 November 2013

The next stage - maybe?

Recently we went for a drive.

Just north of Brisbane is an island joined to the mainland by a bridge - Bribie Island. Check out the website. The mountains in the background are the Glasshouse Mountains.

Most of the island is National Park so protected environment. On the eastern side is the surf beach. It's not large surf like the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, but a lot less people.

Standing on the beach, if you look both ways, you see miles of beautiful clean sand.

The western side of the island is separated from the mainland by a calm water passage.  I could have sat for hours under the Moreton Bay Fig with a cool drink and a sea breeze and a view across the water..... but, we were there to explore the island.

Looking back at where we sat in the shade. 

While walking along the foreshore we were both deep in thought, then John had an idea....
"Let's find a real estate office."

If we were to leave Missy's garden, a future house would need to tick a few boxes.
  • A smaller garden, but room for some vegies and favourite plants at least.
  • A small house, but with enough space for an art corner, a shed and an outdoor living area.
  • The location should be quiet, where we could go for an evening walk without the roar of traffic - with lots of trees and birds - natural beauty - maybe even the ocean nearby. (John's boat never sees the water presently)
  • Our ideal house would be in an area with a sense of community that has nice places to dine out occasionally or markets to visit.
  • It should be closer to where I work if possible.
  • Most importantly, I suppose, the new house must not cost more than we would get if we sold our present house.
A lot of our boxes are ticked.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A little rain makes a big difference

We have had showers of rain for the past 3 evenings. Not a lot, but better than no rain at all. October was so hot and dry that even mature trees were looking like they would die of thirst.
Everything in the garden looks better after some rain.
Last night the frogs were serenading each other. They must have really missed it too.

This morning I walked on cool wet grass, not the dry and crunchy stuff of a few days ago. Of course, it is still mainly brown but will soon become green if we have a bit more rain.

Some of the heliconias are already flowering.  They are lucky. They've been hand watered a couple of times a week.

 Along the side fence, the frangipanis are in bloom. Both the flowers and leaves are smaller than usual but at least they have leaves. Some of the frangipanis I see driving to work are in full bloom and have no leaves. I would guess that's because they are trying to conserve water.

The poor lemon tree is suffering. It's dropped it's fruit and many of its leaves. Clearing up the fruit is an urgent job for this weekend. In our area, fruit left to rot on the ground attracts fruitfly.

The bougainvilleas are still looking good. For them it's never too hot or dry.

This one may be the exception. It is in a pot in a corner of the garden that very rarely gets watered and, like the frangipanis, has lots of flowers but very few leaves. If it hadn't rained when it did, this plant may have not survived.

The fernery is watered regularly. The hanging baskets dry out quickly in the heat.
It has an overhead sprinkler system so watering means simply turning the timer on the tap for 5-10 mins each day or so.

It's location outside our bathroom window means that it doesn't get forgotten.

The dry hot weather has tested the bromeliads and confirmed just how tough many of them are. We have some that have succumbed but most are doing well.

Usually by now we would have regular rainfall. I hope it has finally started.

One great thing about hot sunny days - the pool has been getting lots of use (I promise no photos of me in my swimming costume) and it is pure pleasure to sit outside each evening for a drink and a chat.


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