Wednesday, 8 January 2014

It's been hot

Reminiscent of  Robin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam" the weather recently has been HOT, DAMN HOT!!!

This is what 43 degree C heat does to tree ferns. Last Saturday was the worst. Because we were forewarned that it would be a hot day, I went out into the garden at 6 AM to beat the heat. I gave up at 7. It was too hot to continue.

We spent most of the day indoors in the air-con. The poor plants didn't have that choice. I'm sure they would have pulled up their roots and moved under cover if they could.

Where the sun touched leaves, they were burnt.

Fortunately much of the garden is shaded. You would be forgiven for thinking that tropical plants thrive in the heat, but you would be wrong. They like humidity and warmth, but hate the hot dry weather we experience here.
At about 5.30 PM we ventured outside and headed straight for the pool, then watered as many parched plants as possible. Sunday was hot as well until a thunderstorm hit and the temperatures cooled down.
The hot spell is over now and temperatures are back to the low 30s but there will be more hot spells to come (after all, it is Summer).

Caladiums I bought last summer have reappeared after their winter sleep. I was going to plant them out in the garden, but I think they can stay in their pots and come with us to the new house instead.

The fish waiting for breakfast.

The pond needed to be topped up on the weekend. The heat evaporated quite a lot of water. Luckily,  it's shaded, otherwise we may have had boiled fish.

I have a long list of gardening jobs so I'm hoping next weekend won't be as hot so I can work for longer.


  1. Crickey, 43C! Hopefully that's a one off and won't get as hot as that again.

  2. While you're broiling, we're freezing. Dozens of cities broke temp records yesterday for extreme cold. Hooray for the thunderstorm that brought you a bit of relief. :o) Check out the Garden Love on my blog. :o)

  3. That is some serious HEAT....poor least the fish are okay.

  4. It's our turn now, we're in the middle of a heatwave and facing 44 degrees today. Did someone microwave my hydrangeas?

  5. I feel so sorry for your parched foliage. The tree fern was practically barbecued. Its lots hotter than here in tropical Malaysia. I'm glad your fish were okay. They probably had a warm bath instead of a fatal sauna.

  6. So glad to hear of your plans for building a new house on Bribie - how exciting! The temperatures have been unbelieveable this year. Good luck with propagating new plants - at least you have plenty of time to do it.

  7. Your garden is so beautiful ...very tropical looking. The heat has been awful ; it's like all the mainland states have been taking turns at having heatwaves


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