Monday, 20 January 2014

Making new plants

I've begun taking cuttings from some of my favourite plants ready for the new garden. This is just the start I will be propagating many plants over the next couple of months.

 Nandina domestica (sacred bamboo) is not a bamboo at all but makes a wonderful border or low hedge along a side fence.

 I can't have a garden without cordylines.
 Coleus grow so well from cuttings they will often strike if I drop pieces on the ground when I'm pruning. I think they make a good "filler" plant to fill empty spots in the garden.

Crotons are another mainstay of any tropical garden and grow well from cuttings. I usually start them in water then transfer them to pots once the root have formed.

 Step one was to get everything ready. I'm using an old table as my potting bench and a black plastic tray to mix the components of the mix. For cuttings I like to use a mix of normal potting mix, sand and vermiculite, plus some water crystals. I don't add any fertiliser at this stage because all I'm aiming for is root development. I want the mix to remain damp but have enough drainage to ensure the cuttings don't rot.
Because I want as many cuttings as possible I will be using styrofoam vegetable boxes until they have a reasonable root system, then they will go into pots with a less open mix and some slow-release fertiliser.

John washed out some pots in a bleach solution to ensure the new plants will be healthy.

The cordylines, sacred bamboo and coleus in their boxes.
The crotons I placed in water in October/November were ready to go into pots. They all have good root systems and have started to produce new leaves. They should really take off now.
The greenhouse is still looking quite empty but in a few weeks time it will hopefully be packed with new plants. I'm probably doing many more than necessary for the new garden but they won't go to waste. Friends with gardens will find homes for them.
Next weekend the aim is to do more cuttings and to divide some of the clumping plants as well - looking forward to making lots of new plants.



  1. So good to hear from you, I read all the posts I've missed. I'm glad John is recovering and hope you are as well. Your Christmas holiday sounded restful and pleasant. Look at all the plants you have propagated, that is wonderful. Building a new home sounds amazing and scary all at the same time; and I can completely relate to the task of trying to decide what stays and what goes...we've accumulated so much 'stuff' over the past 35 years. While you have had the hot weather we have had record-breaking cold. Let's hope the temperatures moderate for both of us!

  2. All these cuttings will be the beginning of a new, fabulous garden! You've been very busy but all for a very exciting reason :)

  3. You have now inspired me to make some croton cuttings too. I find that they root quite easily in the floral oasis when they are used in floral arrangements, but I will try your way in the water....wish me luck.
    Good luck with your plant propagation....they are already coming along nicely.

  4. Wishing them all good growing. A lot of pressure being the foundation plants of a new garden but they seem to be in very capable hands and all come from such good homes.

  5. I love the color of your Crotons.
    They seemed to be getting rare nowadays.
    I'm guessing they are phasing out in my region.
    Happy Gardening.


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