Friday, 31 January 2014

What a difference some rain makes

The garden is looking pretty good at the moment. We've finally had some rain - not a lot, but it's amazing how quickly plants respond.

The grass is green again, instead of brown.

Flowers are blooming.

 Would it sound ungrateful if I said, everything is growing a little too well at the moment. We seem to no sooner mow and the grass needs mowing again. At this time of year the garden can quickly become unruly without regular attention. Those two bins are my weeding bins. I can fill them over and over and still find more weeds at the moment.

Mulching the garden is always our first line of defence against both weeds and moisture loss from the soil, but ground covers can do the same job.

The pathways in some areas are becoming narrower as plants spill out over them.

Can you see the trailer in the background? John took 3 trailer loads to the dump last weekend - mainly weeds, lawn clippings and palm fronds. Actually the bulk of it was palm fronds. At this time of year the palms are producing new fronds and discarding their old ones. We have a LOT of palms so it's a constant job collecting the dead ones. They don't compost well so we take them to the dump where they turn green waste into garden mulch to sell.

John is adamant that our next garden will not have palms, but I may sneak in a couple.

I've taken 6 large cuttings from these frangipanis (Plumeria obtusa) and another six from our Plumeria pudica. I can see them in the new garden. Both are evergreen varieties.

The greenhouse is starting to fill with cuttings. I've added some Dracaena reflexa (Song of India),  about a dozen pots of Philodendron xanadu and some of the thinner leafed cordylines (Cordyline marginata I think) Maybe someone can correct me. This is it below.

I don't know how much gardening area I will have to play yet. We still haven't decided on a house to build. Pretty typical of me to think more about the garden than the house.


  1. The rain has certainly brightened up your garden. Everything looks so green and lush.

    My husband would agree with yours if we ever moved from here. He hated Palms. He's managed to cut down the last two remaining Coconut Palms, which were huge! The Golden Cane Palms are my least favourite, and we got dozens of them! I'm forever cleaning up the fallen dead fronds. It's one of my least favourite gardening jobs.

    I had to laugh about your comment regarding your concern over what your new garden will be like, rather than worrying about what your new house will be like. I was the same when we decided to sell our last place. The sign of a true gardening nut, I think.

  2. Oh Roz, your garden is looking lovely,and it is nice to be able to pull out the very best and start them for your new garden. Some palms dont seem to drop as many fronds - maybe you can try them?

  3. How different the garden looks like on the other side of the globe. We have gray skies and I can only dream about spring. Lovely to see the sun in your garden!
    Groetjes from Holland.

  4. Wow, your garden is looking so stunning and amazing how well they have responded once the rains have arrived. Even the weeds that's the only thing but perhaps after an initial surge everything will calm down and growth will be more mellow. Exciting times ahead with the prospect of that new garden!

  5. I"m so glad everything is green and lush for you! Rain, rain, rain makes all the difference. So beautiful! Incredible that you took 3 trailer loads to the dump. WOW!

  6. I'm glad you've had some rain to put the drought worries to rest a little. And I also know the feeling of having to mow the lawn continually when there is enough moisture and the relentless weeds that seemingly spring up overnight. I'm glad to see your cuttings are thriving and I would be just like you, wondering more about the new garden than the house.

  7. The garden is looking really good, and the rain helps tremendously (weeds love it too).
    What a pity you can't just wave a magic wand and take the garden with you to your new home. Whoever inherits it will be very lucky.
    I feel John's pain with keeping the palms in check, they keep me quite busy, but somehow like you, I can't imagine my garden without palms.
    Your cuttings are coming along well, and I love how your white plumerias are flowering so low.


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