Monday, 10 March 2014

Decisions, decisions

We've been very busy lately with simultaneously working in Missy's garden and getting ready to start the new house.
There are so many decisions to be made.
A screen of some type will be needed  along the back fence line - a hedge maybe. It will be 18 metres long so can't be too expensive.  As well as providing privacy it will need to be easy to look after and attractive. There are quite a few plants that would serve the purpose.

In Missy's garden, we chose hibiscus for a screen along the back of our pool and have been pleased with the result. They grew quickly, always look thick and lush with the added bonus of flowers. A prune once a year is the only maintenance required. They would have to be a major contender for the new hedge. I've started some cuttings.

 Lady palms also grow quite quickly and could be used as a screening plant. They require a fair bit of water to stay looking good but, apart from that, no real maintenance.

I've potted up a few but will need a dozen more to go right across the fence line. Even if we don't use them as a screen, I'm sure we'll find a spot for them somewhere in the garden.

There would be lots of other plants that would work just as well.
We want to keep the tropical look.
 Any suggestions?

I've been dividing bromeliads and storing them wherever I can find a semi-shady spot.

The trailer is getting a workout with trips to the dump. Garden waste that John would have chopped up and composted is being taken to the green-waste area of the tip.

We checked out the progress with our block of land - just a lot of machinery with dirt being moved around so far.

We've also been to visit the builder's  design centre to start picking what will go in the new house. These are the plumbing fittings. There is a SO much to have to choose and coordinate. 
There is a wall filled with tiles, another with roofing materials and light switches and handles and laminex and paint and garage doors.

Making all these decisions is a strange mix of enjoyment and stress.


  1. Exciting times ahead! It can be stressful and overwhelming at times, with so many options and things to decide upon but over all enjoy the process. What about mixed hedging btw? Lady palms and hibiscus combo perhaps?

  2. All your decisions need to take into account timeless beauty and reliability. Don't fall for the new fangled styles that will go out of fashion in a year, but stick to items that will look good no matter how many years old from now.
    I kinda envy you starting over from scratch with a new slate, so have fun even though it may be a tad tedious sometimes with making so many choices, and please don't let the builders sway your decisions too much because you and John are the ones that will be living in the house, and you know what you want.
    The piles of dirt will soon become a beautiful new house for you to live in.....I am so excited for you.
    I will stick with the hibiscus hedge as your privacy plant. You are so lucky that Lady Palms grow quickly for you. Mine are in pots and take their sweet time to grow, I could never use them for a privacy hedge here.

    1. You are so right Virginia. The current fashion seems to be 50 shades of brown. Not what I want. I also think I'm favouring the hibiscus as well.

  3. It is wonderful to see what you grow on the other side of the globe! Hibiscus for a screen? I could only dream of that. I have a blue one, but after 25 years it is only a small shrub. I hope you chose the Hibiscus, so I can see how it looks. If you want to see spring, take a look at my post:
    A lot of succes. groetjes from Holland, Hetty

  4. How exciting to have a clean slate to work from. When I started my garden I did it bit by bit, and have ripped certain areas out and started again. We have neighbours who have an ixora hedge and it always looks so pretty and colorful. I do like that lady finger palm as well, but thought it was quite slow growing.

  5. I had a quick read to try to catch up, I am glad your husband is on the mend but sorry to see that you and Missy also had some health issues. I hope you will all be enjoying your new home soon.

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