Monday, 31 March 2014

Learning to downsize

We have had a wet weekend. Great for the garden but not for gardening, so I used the opportunity to start sorting out cupboards in our spare bedrooms. Our future house will be smaller than this one with much less storage space.

I wouldn't consider myself a hoarder but there are certain things I have kept for years which I really don't need. ....errr.... That may be the definition of hoarding - but only certain things like -
Books - I read long ago and will never read again, and books I have owned for years and never got around to reading.
Photographs - of people I don't recognise and places I'm not sure I've been. Perhaps that's just my memory failing me.
Art & craft supplies - purchased for projects I never found the time to even start, but might someday.
Clothes - I used to enjoy wearing when I was a couple of sizes smaller and (just in case I lose weight) are neatly stored in plastic crates.

By the end of the weekend I had a full garbage bin, a couple of boxes which will be put out for sale at a garage sale, some items to give away to family, friends or charity (not too difficult) but there was also  a couple of boxes of "think about things" - these will take me longer to decide if I want to keep them or not. Despite what I've read extolling the virtues of de-cluttering your life I've come to the conclusion there's no point of getting rid of possessions just for the sake of it. It's more a matter of prioritising.
Anyway, that's the spare bedrooms sorted. Next - the linen cupboards and kitchen. Lucky I have a few months. This will take much longer than one wet weekend.


  1. We mega de-cluttered last year, at times it was stressful, at times it was liberating. Good luck with it :)

  2. It's a bit of a roller-coaster ride I've found. Some things can be sorted really easily, but then others tend to move from must-go pile to the maybe-keep-just-in-case pile. Wishing you the best of luck with all the sorting.

  3. Seems as if you're on the right track for de-cluttering your life.
    I did a HUGE de-cluttering about three years ago, and I've vowed to only keep stuff that I will use within a year.
    Right now I'm working on projects using products that were purchased over a year ago, but that's an exception.

  4. I think we are all hoarders to some degree. I have decluttered so many times that I am now down to 'if it hasn't been used in the last 12 months it goes' - these are things that have been given extensions a number of times!! But it is so easy to gather stuff again isn't it - I am now a bit of a miser - first time in my 56 years - and I am happy to call myself that - I don't buy anything unless it is going to be used now (except garden things and craft things of course lol!!!).

  5. Hallo! I haven't caught up with blogs in a looooong time - are you planning a move?? x

  6. I've moved many, many times but I've been in my current house almost 11 years and having to go through everything to downsize and pack it all up would be exhausting. It would take me quite a while, too. But it is nice to have less stuff to deal with.


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