Sunday, 25 May 2014

A wander around the garden

Life has been so hectic lately I don't often get time to just wander around the garden and appreciate what is there. Sometimes you just have to "stop and smell the roses". Well, I don't have any roses but there are other flowers. Aren't there?

Driving off to work, I'd noticed the Gymea lily  Doryanthes excels had sent up a flower spike (its first) so had to check it out.
The flower spike is about two and a half meters tall. Just a baby.
I can't wait for the bud to open.
Then I noticed the poinsettias were in flower.
How had I not noticed?
I had to check them out
In the rainforest area, the Golden Penda are just starting to bloom.
Hopefully they will be a mass of bright yellow soon.
Walking back up the driveway, I noticed the white calliandra
and the climbing bauhinia
In the backyard,
the Brazilian Red cloak is still covered in blooms, and the red calliandra is out

A few heliconias are hanging in there over Winter

Snowflake bush Euphorbia leucocephala is looking good.
It's a close relative to the poinsettias so flowers in the cooler weather as well.
Mmmm.... might take some cuttings for the new garden.
We will need some Winter bloomers.
The mandarin tree in the chook pen is laden with fruit. I've been having one each day for the last couple of weeks.
That tree produces the sweetest juiciest mandarins I've ever tasted.
No wonder. 
The ladies take good care of it.
Lemons are looking good too. Not quite ready to pick yet.
Limes will be ready soon too.
Note to self: make sure we have a couple of citrus trees in the new garden
I see these guys every morning but never tire of watching them.
John moved the Thalia into their pond and seem happy with the new décor.
They love hiding in the root system.


  1. Great exotica as always! Yes sometimes it's good to just pause and enjoy the garden for what it is :)

  2. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Looking GOOD!! ....stopping life to check out the garden can sometimes be put on the back burner, but I'm glad that you took the time to post these beautiful photos of your garden.
    I like that climbing bauhinia....does it scatter seedlings all over like the other one?
    I like that Gymea lily too...can't wait to see it in full bloom.

  4. It doesn't scatter seedlings. In fact, I've actually tried to grow it from seed without success a few times.

  5. How wonderful to know that regardless of the weather or season, there is so much life going on around us. We just need to stop and look.

  6. Your poinsettias are enormous!! They're small Christmas plants here that are usually treated as houseplants or they just die after the holidays. I've never seen them so large!! Taking cuttings will be a great way to establish a new garden without spending lots of $$.

  7. Hi Ros, what a fabulous garden to 'smell the roses in'! That gymneaa lily is already looking spectacular, and it's got a way to go. I love your fish pond. All the plants in your garden seem to be indigenous, so they look at home in the climate.


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