Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Checking on progress

Well, our block of land is still just dirt, but they have made quite a deal of progress. The road has been built and services like electricity, phone and water are connected. We have had some rain lately which has slowed them up a bit.

Our block is at the end of the street and they are building a block retaining wall and fence along the side. It's exciting for us to see the progress, but I suppose to everyone else it really is still just a pile of dirt.

While we were there, of course, we visited the beach and we had lunch at a local beachside restaurant.

This was the view from our table.  People are constantly fishing from this jetty. I don't know if they catch anything.

This is close to where we will be living - where I plan to go walking. You can see the bridge across to the mainland near the horizon.

Looking in the other direction - it was so calm and peaceful.  I can't wait to move here.


  1. I'm relaxed just looking at this...

  2. YEAH progress!!!
    To think you and John are going to be enjoying that peaceful view every day...lucky you.

  3. I can just imagine your excitement with the changes, such a beautiful area too!

  4. Oh that looks lovely, and wow it looks like a new road being built just for you - how awesome. What an exciting thime this is for you both.

  5. What a beautiful place! It looks like such a peaceful setting. :o)

  6. It is a beautiful place! The scenery is splendid.


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