Monday, 30 June 2014

Flowers that bloom in Winter

Well, Winter is finally here. We had our first below zero morning a few days ago (-2C), and the westerly wind is blowing. Thankfully no sign of any frost damage.
Although the mornings are cold, the temperature rises to the mid-twenties C during the day so we can't complain.

Our Queenslander hibiscus has been flowering all winter. I gave it a severe prune a few months ago and it's never looked better. (even though Queensland lost this year)

Hibiscus are such a bright cheerful flower to warm the cooler months. They flower all year, but are at their best this time of year.

Fatsia japonica is in bloom. We grow it for the foliage rather than flowers, but I noticed something's been munching the leaves

I love these white geraniums. There are three plants in pots tucked in under some other larger plants. I forget about them and they're neglected for most of the year, then burst in to bloom to remind me that they are still there.

The poinsettias certainly brighten the garden. Even though I pruned them back to old wood last spring, they are almost as tall as the golden cane palms.

Just opening up.
This billbergia has formed quite a clump and most of them decided to flower at the same time. I love the colour combination.

A few days later and they are opening more.

They deserve a closer look.
I love the endless variety of bromeliads. There is always at least one in flower at any time and there is such a diverse range. It's going to be hard deciding which to keep and which to leave behind when we move.
Speaking of taking a closer look.......

A garden guardian standing watch.

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Missy seal of approval

We took Missy to check on progress with our block of land. I think she approves.
 The block has a street at the front and a narrow one-way lane at the back. This is the front looking from the corner. It's almost finished and now we wait for Council registration. It all takes time. Building won't commence until around  October. The developer has planted lilypillies and groundcovers on the corner and grassed the footpaths.  I think they've put fertiliser under the turf because Missy found it a very interesting smell.The darker dirt is where the driveway will go.

This is the side and back. There's a fence along the side and will also be a fence along the back (just posts at the moment). Lilypillies planted along the back fence as well. Our builder says the house will be finished approximately Feb-March next year. It seems such a long time to wait, but we have a lot to do in that time, so I'm thinking the time may pass quickly.

After a few more sniffs and a roll on the grass, the footpath was duly christened, then we went to look for dog friendly beaches.

This looks promising. They even supply bags in case nature calls.

So, what do you think Miss Dog?
Lots to see and smell.
The Glasshouse Mountains in the distance.
Even though it's Winter the sun was warm.
We worked up quite a thirst.
Time for a drink and a rest in the shade
I think she approved.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Only a few vegies

Winter for me is peak vegetable growing season. I'm afraid with everything else that's been happening this year, the poor old vegie patch hasn't had as much attention as usual but we have put in a few seedlings.
Lettuce grow well at this time of year and we eat a lot of it. I chose some cos lettuce and some mixed loose leaf varieties. That way I can harvest them leaf at a time while they're growing. We're lucky to live in a climate where we can eat salads all year round.
There's a couple of cherry tomato vines that have self-seeded and a neglected eggplant that I noticed has a small fruit, plus some parsley and chives that just keep growing.

I've put the asparagus to bed for the Winter - chopped them off at ground level and covered them with mulch. The ginger has gone dormant as well. I need to dig it up and see which roots I can use in cooking and which I can keep to grow more next Summer.

We also planted some broccoli and I have some beetroot and carrot seeds that will be sown this weekend. It would be a crime to waste such perfect vegetable growing weather.


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