Monday, 30 June 2014

Flowers that bloom in Winter

Well, Winter is finally here. We had our first below zero morning a few days ago (-2C), and the westerly wind is blowing. Thankfully no sign of any frost damage.
Although the mornings are cold, the temperature rises to the mid-twenties C during the day so we can't complain.

Our Queenslander hibiscus has been flowering all winter. I gave it a severe prune a few months ago and it's never looked better. (even though Queensland lost this year)

Hibiscus are such a bright cheerful flower to warm the cooler months. They flower all year, but are at their best this time of year.

Fatsia japonica is in bloom. We grow it for the foliage rather than flowers, but I noticed something's been munching the leaves

I love these white geraniums. There are three plants in pots tucked in under some other larger plants. I forget about them and they're neglected for most of the year, then burst in to bloom to remind me that they are still there.

The poinsettias certainly brighten the garden. Even though I pruned them back to old wood last spring, they are almost as tall as the golden cane palms.

Just opening up.
This billbergia has formed quite a clump and most of them decided to flower at the same time. I love the colour combination.

A few days later and they are opening more.

They deserve a closer look.
I love the endless variety of bromeliads. There is always at least one in flower at any time and there is such a diverse range. It's going to be hard deciding which to keep and which to leave behind when we move.
Speaking of taking a closer look.......

A garden guardian standing watch.


  1. Gorgous flowers Roz, Iove that first hibiscus you feature. I have that same bilbergia, although mine hasnt flowered this year yet. Brr I will be staying with a friend in Brisbane for the night on my way to the US next week, that sounds chilly, hope it warms up a bit for me.

  2. How nice that you still have some fab, exotic blooms even in winter :)

  3. The flowers in your garden are still beautiful even in winter.
    Loved the dark red hibiscus and the white geraniums a lot lot lot.

  4. Hi Missy's master, you really have an unusual winter and summer, much different than most of them who have those seasons. You have winter and your plants and flowers are just like what we have here in a country whose coldest just goes down to 19C. hahaha.

  5. Don't mess with the garden guardian either I recon he'd take your leg off.

  6. I've always associate Hibiscus with tropical climes so it felt rather strange for you to describe them as looking its best during winter. That spider-guardian is rather intimidating and had a formidable looking net. I wish the other critters the best of luck.

  7. So good to catch up on the posts I've missed. Your flowers are stunning, it always amazes me to see poinsettias in the garden, they are much prettier than the potted ones we purchase in the winter here. I loved seeing your home site and Missy's tour of the property. What an exciting time for you all! Love the dog park and the views are breathtaking.


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