Friday, 6 June 2014

Only a few vegies

Winter for me is peak vegetable growing season. I'm afraid with everything else that's been happening this year, the poor old vegie patch hasn't had as much attention as usual but we have put in a few seedlings.
Lettuce grow well at this time of year and we eat a lot of it. I chose some cos lettuce and some mixed loose leaf varieties. That way I can harvest them leaf at a time while they're growing. We're lucky to live in a climate where we can eat salads all year round.
There's a couple of cherry tomato vines that have self-seeded and a neglected eggplant that I noticed has a small fruit, plus some parsley and chives that just keep growing.

I've put the asparagus to bed for the Winter - chopped them off at ground level and covered them with mulch. The ginger has gone dormant as well. I need to dig it up and see which roots I can use in cooking and which I can keep to grow more next Summer.

We also planted some broccoli and I have some beetroot and carrot seeds that will be sown this weekend. It would be a crime to waste such perfect vegetable growing weather.


  1. Hello Missy's Lady love, you are the only place in the world who can garden in winter. How so privilege you are on our earth!

  2. You'll get to grow lots of veggies again once everything settles in your new place :)

  3. Fresh veggies from the absolutely divine. Don't mind they're not as many as you normally have growing in the garden, like Stewart said above, some is better than none.....continue to enjoy.
    I am enjoying my fresh salad leaves everyday too.

  4. Everthing's growing very well due to all the rain we've had. Your seedlings look very happy and cosy in their straw bed.

  5. Love the salad all year round, but the snails love my Kale even more. Who invited them??


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