Monday, 23 June 2014

The Missy seal of approval

We took Missy to check on progress with our block of land. I think she approves.
 The block has a street at the front and a narrow one-way lane at the back. This is the front looking from the corner. It's almost finished and now we wait for Council registration. It all takes time. Building won't commence until around  October. The developer has planted lilypillies and groundcovers on the corner and grassed the footpaths.  I think they've put fertiliser under the turf because Missy found it a very interesting smell.The darker dirt is where the driveway will go.

This is the side and back. There's a fence along the side and will also be a fence along the back (just posts at the moment). Lilypillies planted along the back fence as well. Our builder says the house will be finished approximately Feb-March next year. It seems such a long time to wait, but we have a lot to do in that time, so I'm thinking the time may pass quickly.

After a few more sniffs and a roll on the grass, the footpath was duly christened, then we went to look for dog friendly beaches.

This looks promising. They even supply bags in case nature calls.

So, what do you think Miss Dog?
Lots to see and smell.
The Glasshouse Mountains in the distance.
Even though it's Winter the sun was warm.
We worked up quite a thirst.
Time for a drink and a rest in the shade
I think she approved.


  1. It definitely looks like Missy approves. What a fabulous spot for your new home. The view from the beach across to the Glasshouse Mountains is just wonderful. The Lillypillies seem to have settled in very well already at your block. Hopefully the time will pass quickly for you while you wait for everything to be finished.

  2. Your new block looks fantastic. I am sure Missy will love the strolls along the beach. I am commenting from chilly old Canberra... your photos make me jealous for Queensland weather!

    1. I see your maximum is our minimum some days....ouch

  3. This all looks fantastic and exciting! And glad to hear Missy approves!

  4. I can hear the happiness in your writing, what an exciting time. It looks as though you have a great builder that is willing to put in some plantings before starting so that it can all settle in. I love the lane you are walking on - no excuses to go out and exercise.

  5. Oh my, Missy definitely approves...I can see the happy look in her eyes.
    I am so excited for both of you.
    I had no idea what a lilly pilly was so I did a google search and they look nice for your landscaping.
    I can't wait until your new home is finished....did I say how excited I am for you??????

  6. Missy's property advice was spot on. Location, location and good smells too. Feel the serenity!

  7. It looks beautiful! What a fabulous place. :o) I'd love to be that close to the beach, especially a quiet one.


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