Monday, 15 September 2014

Not yet ladies

Another busy weekend in the garden. Two days a week just isn't long enough to do everything I want to do at the moment.
As the weather warms up the winter crops are finishing and it's time to think about planting new vegetables. I can't decide whether to grow one more season of vegetables or just clear the beds and cover them with mulch.

We are still eating lettuce from our vegie patch but it bolts to seed quickly from now on. The ladies will get to eat more than us from now on. They love lettuce. I can still grow lettuce over summer if I cover it with shadecloth but probably won't bother this year. There's too much else to do. The cherry tomatoes have gone a bit wild but will keep growing over the warmer months if I give them a prune.

We had a good crop of broccoli  this year - more than we could eat but they too are going to seed now. You can see this head just starting to turn yellow.

The asparagus is starting to shoot, so we will still have at least one vegie from our patch over Summer. Since asparagus is grown from root stock it is something I may take with us when we move. For now though I'm going to enjoy a few fresh stalks for lunch each day.

The ladies keep watch to see what goodies they will be getting from the vegie patch. They'd love to be set loose and help themselves I'm sure. They dig for worms as well as snack on the vegetables and generally make a huge mess. Once we've harvested everything we can use, we might let them. Until then they vegie patch is out of bounds to the ladies.
(Can you see in the background how tall the bamboo has grown?)

In the shade house most of the cuttings I started a few months back have survived. Now it's time to feed and water them and get them healthy ready for their new home.

I had put a few bits of various succulents into potting mix as well (just because I can't bear throwing away the broken bits) and they've started to grow.

 Continuing with the "short back and sides" pruning - the front hedge has been brought down to about half it's previous height. You can see the original height of the hedge at the rear of this photo. It's next to go. I know it looks like dead stalks now but it will soon bounce back.
Now, when the real estate agents takes photos, you will be able to see the house not just the hedge.
....and John wants to know if the local rubbish tip gives frequent flyer points.


  1. That is an incredible head of broccoli! I failed miserably last time I tried growing it and put it on my "easier to buy at the supermarket" list of vegetables. Do you have many issues with white cabbage moths? I bet those chickies would love to be let loose :)

    1. I can't grow cabbage or cauliflower. The bugs get them, but they don't seem to attack the broccoli.

  2. Busy busy times but it all sounds very exciting too especially with the impending move. Hope the house sale goes well and fast :)

  3. Oh I would have gobbled up that broccoli already. We have bugs up here that decimate broccoli. Weekends do go by so fast dont they?

  4. At least you still have broccoli, lettuce and asparagus...enjoy it all while you can.
    The butterflies/caterpillars did a number on my veggie garden so I will be starting over our cooler months are coming up.
    I'm happy for you that your cuttings have done well....more plants to make the move with you....yeah!!
    Question for you....will you be able to keep the ladies in your new housing development? I hope so.

    1. No Virginia. We can't keep them. I have found someone who will give them a good home once we move but I'm going to miss them.

    2. Oh I'm sorry about that, but at least you'll be able to visit them in their new home.

  5. I'm just going to come straight out and say it: your ladies scare me. Yes, I am afraid of chickens. Not the cute little bantam kinds, but for some reason, the full sized gals just give me the shivers and could chase me from your yard no problem. I was once chased out of an auction yard by a white rooster. As you can see, I haven't fully recovered.

    Christine in Alaska, chicken issues galore

  6. Missy and mom, where are you going? I have not been here for a while, and missed the events and news!


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