Monday, 8 September 2014

Well it's about time!

I have been blogging since 2007 and this must be one of the longest spells I've ever gone without posting. There were lots of reasons but mainly life has been hectic so the garden and the blog just seemed to slip down my list of priorities.... plus I hate Winter.
With last Monday being the first day of Spring here and a beautiful sunny day, it's about time things got back to normal and that includes blogging.

Magnolias coming into bloom signal Spring is here
Over the last few weeks of Winter the weather was cold and wet every weekend and dark when I'm home during the week (Have I told you how much I hate Winter?) but Winter is well and truly over now. When I woke to see the sunshine Saturday morning I couldn't wait to be out in the garden. We spent the weekend doing what I call mega-pruning. I chopped. John loaded the trailer and took two trailer loads to the dump.  Missy found a shady spot to supervise. John even got out his small chainsaw and "trimmed" a few trees.

Wisteria over the trellis
Each year, once any chance of frost has passed, the garden gets a haircut. This year, because we will be putting the house on the market soon, it's getting a short back and sides. Although I like my garden to look like a tropical jungle I think it may scare off  prospective buyers. I'm hoping it will look like a well maintained resort rather than a jungle by the time we're finished. We've done across the back fence and half way down one side.  Next weekend we'll attack another area with the loppers, pruners and saw. This could take a while.

The frangipani still have no leaves - but soon we'll see them shooting
Spring weather is perfect for this type of gardening. The days are usually fine and sunny but it's cool enough to work for most of the day. The best part is that you are guaranteed that whatever plants are chopped back will quickly send out new growth.
Dendrobium Speciosum - We call it King Orchid

Spring is definitely here
it's about time.


  1. Great to hear it has finally arrived there! Happy Spring ahead and hopefully it will be a great one and the rest of the growing season too :)

  2. Oh my dear Missy and Ros, I'm so happy to see you back.
    I don't care for the winter either, I'm really not a lover of the cold weather. But hey, at least your garden is springing back to life, and with all the work that you've put in thus far, it will be gorgeous when the time comes around for the sale of the house.
    I definitely would purchase , and the beautiful garden would be a top deciding factor....I'm really hoping the right buyer comes along that won't want to rip out everything and landscape all over again.
    I really wish that white wisteria would grow here....sigh.

    1. Me too Virginia - hoping the new owner will love the garden like we do.

  3. I know what you mean about winter. It doesn't exactly make you want to get out and garden, but I still want to really, which in turn brings me down! Thinking about how much I dislike the intense heat of summer snaps me out of it somewhat. Spring and autumn can stay for the whole year.

  4. I love winter here! To us this is the time of year to grow veggies, and we can spend time outside pleasantly comfortable. I supppose the wet season does bring with it mangoes and lots of colour. Good luck with the sale of the house - is your new house almost ready to move in?

    1. Gill, I love FNQ winters too. They are perfect. They haven't started building our house yet. We have Council approval and everything is set to go so it won't be long now I hope.

  5. And we're headed into winter.... How amazing to be able to describe your garden as a resort! I hope it sells quickly. :o)


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