Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Discovering free mulch in the backyard

As the weather warms up gardens needs mulch more than ever to keep moisture in the soil and stop weeds from growing. Buying mulch for a garden as large as ours is an expensive business. You need a truck load.
When we were starting the garden we did buy a hundred bales of cane trash to spread. I didn't want to do that again but the mulch breaks down over time and needs to be refreshed.
This time of year there are high temperature but no rain. Add in some wind and the ground becomes parched so mulch is important.

Then I discovered a gold mine mulch mine in the bamboo area.

Bamboo loses a lot of leaves over Winter and in dry weather. We have had both. The poor old panda was being buried. The bamboo leaves were up to 50cm deep in places.

Aha! - 2 birds with the one stone. Clean up around the bamboo and mulch the areas needing it.

I started by filling a plastic bin and tipping it on various garden beds... then John joined in and things got SERIOUS.

He filled the trailer then pushed it to the rainforest area which badly needs mulching.

...and here it is ready to be spread. Notice the difference between the little piles I made with my bins and John's trailer load?

There's still enough left for another trailer load or maybe two. FREE MULCH!!!


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