Monday, 24 November 2014

Finally started

It seems ages since we bought the block of land and signed up to have our new house built. It was quite a long process deciding on colours and tiles and electrics and windows and roofing and everything else that goes into a house. Finally the actual building process has begun.

We have a slab. Not very exciting perhaps but to us it's concrete proof (get it - concrete...) that it is happening. We could see where each of the rooms would be and show a couple of friends who came to check it out with us where the guest room would be for future visits.
The bricks have been delivered and apparently the frame goes up this week. They have estimated it will take 16-18 weeks to complete. With rain and holidays over Christmas it may be a little longer so we aren't expecting it to be finished until April next year.

The neighbour's house is a bit further advanced than ours and there are about a dozen other new homes being built in the surrounding area, so we will all be moving in around the same time I guess.
After we move in, the first job will be the front garden.

The marina is a short stroll away and there's a market every Saturday morning - had to check it out.
This is where I will be buying my fruit and vegetables I think. I love the idea of having a market so close. The quality looked great and the prices were reasonable too.
The marina will eventually be developed to include shops and restaurants, etc but is presently simply moorings and an office.
We then checked out the community art centre. They have painting and craft groups and woodworking and gardening groups. This may become a favourite spot for both of us.
Lunch at the golf club rounded up the day. John hasn't played for a while but was a fairly keen golfer so is looking forward to playing regularly again.
 I predict we will be making regular trips to see the progress over the next few weeks. This will not just be a new house. It will be a new lifestyle.

Monday, 17 November 2014

A long weekend is always welcome. With the G20 in Brisbane we were given Friday as a public holiday, or as I called it, a bonus gardening day. Being greedy I decided to take Thursday as a leave day and had a 4 day weekend.
Woke early each morning and got straight out into the garden  before it got too hot. I divided bromeliads and repotted some I want for the new garden and cleaned up a few areas.
John and I also chopped out some of the bamboo that was spreading or was starting to look tatty.
Didn't think about getting out the camera so there's not a single photo to prove my hard work but I did take some afterwards of some blooms around the garden.

 I'm pleased I had the couple of days before the weekend to get work done because Saturday and Sunday were seriously HOT - 43C. Even by 8 am it was too hot to keep working in the yard.
This shell ginger is in a pot and under shadecloth

We have an overhead misting system (the black pipe along the back) to keep this area watered.

Also found this orchid blooming. 
To accompany the scorching sun there was a hot dry wind. There has been no rain for a long time as well so the wind stirred up dust. Even the pool was covered in a film of dust.
All we could do was watch as the fronds of our tree ferns burnt to a crisp.

New fronds were in the process of unfurling (being Spring supposedly) but I will be surprised if any survive unscathed.

The poor chickens really feel the heat. They had shade and I sprayed them and their pen with water as well as regularly topping up the water bowls, but we lost one of our older ladies to the heat.

Missy came and helped when I was outside a few times, but the heat was too much for her well. She preferred to be in the air con. Smart dog.

I suppose we are fortunate these extreme heat spells only last a couple of days. After last weekend 37C seems quite pleasant.


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