Sunday, 8 February 2015

Progress report

The new house is coming along well. We haven't been up to see it since before Christmas but the builder has sent some progress photos.

 The outside is basically finished except for a few trims and the garage door.
 The kitchen benches are done - just waiting on the appliances and sink.
The tiling and bathroom fit-out is underway
John will be taking the light fittings up there on Wednesday so the electrical work will be finished soon too.
Over the past few weeks, getting our current house and Missy's garden ready for sale has been our priority. I'm still working full-time so there's only weekends to work at home, and since John's illness he can't do what he used to, so my son has spent much of his spare time lately working in the garden.  I don't know what we would have done without him - not much I guess. We really appreciate his help.
The main reason we decided to move was that John was unable to look after the garden anymore and with me at work five days a week it all started to become too hard. I love gardening but there's only so much you can do. We've been lucky that much of the garden looks after itself but there's been a lot of garden maintenance jobs that just didn't get done over the last year or so... but  they are done now thanks to Andrew.

Our house really only needs a bit of spiffing up." Presentation" they call it. It needs to look its best of course. I read somewhere “Buyers are not looking to buy property! What they’re really looking to buy is a better life (property just happens to be the way they’ll get it).”

I'm taking that advice and trying to highlight to prospective buyers the lifestyle that comes with living in our house surrounded by Missy's garden.... and it has been quite a wonderful life. I will miss it, but I'm sure we will discover many new and different things to enjoy. It will be a huge change.

One of the challenges in downsizing to a smaller property is deciding what to keep, sell, give away or toss out. Luckily I'm not really a hoarder but we've still accumulated more than we need. I've been systematically going through each and every cupboard in every room. From photos and CDs to kitchen goods, linen and clothes, even furniture - I've been ruthless. If we don't love it or use it regularly it's not coming with us.

This sorting and deciding what to keep or not has been the most time-consuming. Sorting the photos took me a lot longer than anything else. Apart from the memories rediscovered, I found packets of photos from when we began the garden - so of course that got me thinking, before we go I must do some "Then and Now" posts. I've hardly taken any photos of the garden recently - but I will soon.

It's not long now. The house will go on sale in a couple of weeks and then we hope someone will want to buy it. The new house will be completed by the builder mid-March but we have a few things to do to it before we move in - like a driveway and floor coverings.


  1. Lovely photos of the progress of your new home....I can't control my excitement for you and John and Missy.
    The de-cluttering is coming along nicely too....only take the things you truly love and need with you to your new home.
    If the buyers are nice folks, I'm sure you'll be able to pop by and visit Missy's Garden when they move in.
    As an aside...true story....once there was a contractor that was responsible for building a house for an overseas client...he kept sending her photos of his progress...she took a flight home unexpectedly and went to visit her new home, and there was nothing on the land....the contractor had been taking photos of another property and he and her down payment had disappeared into thin air...I felt so sorry for her.

    1. Oh dear, Virginia. - that would be horrible.

  2. You have a lovely home and garden and hopefully you'll find someone who'll be enchanted with it as soon as it goes on the market. And from there you have a fabulous new one to look forward to :)

  3. oh these are exciting times, I just know that there is someone out there who will fall in love with your home. The new home looks good. Isnt if funny how something is a dream and then it suddenly is a reality!

  4. How exciting and what a lucky buyer to get your garden as well as your house. :o) A smaller house and garden will be so much easier to maintain.

  5. The house is looking great! How exciting. All the best with the sale of your beloved home.

  6. I've been away far too long, look! you already have a new home! And a gorgeous one, at that. If we had to move out of here, I'd have a nightmare to deal with for we aren't the most organized people in the world, and for crying out loud, we own 14 stained glass lamps, I know, I know, why?? I'm so happy for you, this is going to be a wonderful new adventure!


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