Saturday, 25 April 2015

A wander around the garden

I took the camera for a wander around the garden this afternoon.
Lately I've been so busy working in the garden I haven't taken the time to just relax and appreciate it. I took so many photos I've collaged some of them... otherwise you would have been scrolling and scrolling.

It's looking so good at the moment it makes me very sad to be leaving.

For some comic relief, I just have to look at the chickens. They've lost most of the feathers poor things...but very funny.

Meanwhile, the greenhouse is packed to overflowing with plants I want to take with us to the new garden.

lots of broms (you may have noticed)

 Some succulents, orchids, cordylines, frangipanis and spider lilies as well.

It's going to be a small garden and I think I have far too many.


  1. It is so neat and tidy! I imagine it's going to be a tough task deciding what makes the cut in the new house.

  2. New garden may be smaller but it will be just as spectacular with all those plants you're taking :)

  3. Your current garden is spectacular but the new one will be so much easier to care for. Bringing plants from the old garden to the new will be a great way to start. :o)


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