Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Time flies

Time has been flying by lately. It's been two months since I posted anything. I have been busy with work and with getting Missy's garden and her house ready to sell.
The photographer is coming tomorrow to take photos for the internet advertisement so it is finally happening. Missy's Garden is for sale.

The lawn is lovely and green and there is so much in bloom around the garden at the moment.

With all the rain we've had recently there seems to be more flowers on the ground than on the trees.
The Brazilian Red Cloak and the Calliandra are both in flower at the moment.
Tibouchina (with chookies in the background)

I love their purple flowers.
 Just look at the Golden Penda Xanthostemon-Chrysanthus.
We have a few of these in the garden, in our rainforest area. The lorikeets are in parrot heaven. We wake to their squabbling each morning at the moment and when anyone ventures into that part of the garden they tell you off. I have reassured them I'm not going to steal their flowery feast.
The back patio area is the tidiest I've seen it in a long time. The table often doubles as a potting bench.

I spent the Easter break tidying up bromeliads and cleaning out the garden shed - plus replanting the vegie patch.

Usually I would start a few trays from seed but this time I just visited the big green shed and bought seedlings ready to plant. My reasoning - Who knows how long it will take to sell the house, and I don't want to go without my home-grown vegies in the meantime. Besides I'm sure whoever buys the house will use them if we do sell it quickly.

The builder has finished our new house, but there is still some things to be done - like floor coverings and a driveway, so it will still be a month or two before we could move in.

Here's a sneak peek at our new kitchen,

and our bathroom.

I forgot to take any photos of the front of the house.... Oh well, next time.


  1. Hopefully another gardener will buy your new house and your new house interior is gorgeous!

    1. Only another gardener would want to take on such a large garden I think, Si I'm hoping there are a few around.

  2. Are you positively certain that you need a photographer to take the "For Sale" photos of Missy's Garden...your photos are stunning and would definitely make me want to purchase the property.
    Love love love, did I say love your new kitchen and bathroom....I'm so excited for you...I'd want to move in right away....I'd park on the street while the contractor completed the driveway.

    1. Virginia, the photographer has just been and his photos leave mine for dead. He even had a drone so took some aerial shots. Once it's online I'll try to post the link.

  3. Hi Missy's master, i felt a little sad with this post. I am not good with goodbyes, always get a little depressed, but it's ok that's just me. I have been seeing your garden for a long time now maybe years? I wonder if you feel a little sad too! Anyway, are you moving in the same neighborhood or how far from that place. Besides, it is always lovely to start from a new place and challenging to start from a bare space and make it green, colorful and alive. So God bless and good luck, we will be watching from the sidelines.

    1. No you are not alone Andrea. I will be very sad to leave, but I am also looking forward to our new adventure.

  4. Wow your home is beautiful, and the photos in the ad are awesome. Mmm, like Virginia I also wodered why you would need a dance room in the master bedroom? I am sure it is going to be snapped up in a hurry. Leaving this home will be bittersweet but you have the opportunity to put your stamp onto the new home and garden. Have you been able to take the plants you started to the new garden already? Best of luck with selling this wonderful property.


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