Sunday, 26 July 2015

One Last Look at Missy's Garden

Since we've left Missy's garden, I've looked back through a number of my blog posts. I am missing the garden quite a bit. So as a final goodbye, I want to quickly revisit it for one last time, before asking you to join me on my new blog -

Checking out progress with the building of the house on a very large and empty block of land back in 2005.
The area was originally cleared for farming many years ago. Various neighbours had told us they grew small crops, watermelons and various vegetable, so we hoped the soil was OK, but it had been many years since it was a farm. 
Planting our rainforest trees

The first thing we did, after moving in was to plant trees in the front corner of the block to create a mini-rainforest. Most of the trees were sourced from the local Council or native plant nurseries. I wanted trees that were indigenous to the area and would not require pampering. I also wanted trees that would attract birds and wildlife so a bit of research went into the choosing of the trees.

It looks like original bushland now but it was carefully planned and nurtured in the early days.  All sorts of birds and creatures visit or live there so I did achieve my aim.

As everyone knows, Missy has always been the overseer. No matter what went on in the garden she kept an eye on us to make sure it was done properly.

 Helping to feed the chickens
Our visitors
the king parrots

This was a real highlight. We wondered what was happening to our sunflowers but when we discovered the culprits we were delighted. Over time they continued to visit the garden and after a while ignored our presence.
The cannas in full bloom

This was one of Missy's favourite toys - Purple Pig. It was carted around the garden once too often, left out in the rain and became brown and mouldy pig, so it went in the bin. Don't worry though, she has lots of other toys.

We loved our vegie patch but Missy loved it too. There were often lizards or bugs to chase and the ground was soft to bury bones. Plus it got a lot of sun and was a great place to take a nap.

She hated to lawn mower though. It needed barking at to keep it in line.

Sometimes the plants were bigger than the dog.
The chickens loved the vegie patch as well
favourite ginger
Missy showing her visitor around the garden

There are new dogs (and their people) looking after Missy's garden now -- She has a new garden to start and adventures to discover.

Come and visit at the new place whenever you like.
You're always welcome.

Over the Bridge


  1. That was a wonderful trip down memory lane. You certainly created a beautiful garden in your time there and I'm sure the new owners appreciate all your efforts. If they don't, then they need their heads read (as my Granny would say!). So now it's onto a new place and new garden. I'm looking forward to seeing it develop as well.

  2. That was a lovely look back at your old garden! With the wonderful work you guys did then I can I,agile the new one will be just as top notch. Onwards and upwards :)

  3. I didnt realize that you in fact started Missy's garden from scratch ten years ago. What an amzing achievement. Your new little garden will be no trouble at all! I am excited that you have started a new blog, and looking forward to seeing you settle in.

  4. Dear Missy (and Ros), Good luck with your new place and new garden. How exciting to have a new project. I look forward to following the changes.

  5. Dear Missy (and Ros), Good luck with your new place and new garden. How exciting to have a new project. I look forward to following the changes.

  6. What a lovely recap. I'll see you over at the new blog!


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