Around the garden - 2010

A very quick look around the garden

This Google Maps view of the yard was taken about 3-4 years ago. The drought was hitting hard as you can see by the colour of the “lawn”. Since then the trees have grown and the gardens have filled in and we’ve changed a few things, but it’s good to show the general layout.

The garden is divided into a number of different areas

1. Rainforest area

2. Bamboo grove and 3. Chookie World (and the compost bins)

4. Shady pathway

5. Back fence
6. Pool area

7. The Circle

8. Side fence

9. Fernery

10. D Garden and side of house

11. Pond area and brom garden
12. Back patio
13. Pavers - utility area

14. Greenhouse, Worm Farm and Vege Patch

15. Front yard

The latest aerial photo - September 2010. It's starting to take shape.


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