Garden Tour 2011

This is a tour I took around the garden in February 2011. I've marked the aerial photo with numbers so you can see where each part of the garden fits in. You can click on it and enlarge it if they are too hard to read. Hopefully the links will work to the original posts. For some reason (probably my lack of blogging skill) some you click on the picture and some (the ones with green writing) you will need to click on the caption.


15. The Front Yard

14. Vege Patch, Greenhouse and Wormfarm

13. Our Utility Area


10. The D Garden
9. The Fernery

8. The garden along the side fence

7. The Circle

6. The Pool Area

5 and 4. The Shade Garden and the area behind the pool

3 and 2. Chookie World

1. The Rainforest Area


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