My Yearly Plan


Jobs to do this month
Ø  Most things will need a prune or trim – hibiscus, shrubs, vines, etc – just a tidy up eg leggy growth to keep them healthy.
Ø  Gardens need to be weeded and mulched. We also need to look at how water can get away if we get heavy rain.
Ø  Use dynamic lifter to fertilise the garden. Heavy rain leaches nutrient from the soil.
Ø  Check for weeds coming through pavers and pull them before they seed.
Ø  If we haven’t had rain, watering will be the major job this month as well.
Ø  Give the hanging basket ferns a good dunking with fish emulsion and Seaweed solution.
Ø  Think about giving the lawn a watering with Seasol if it is suffering heat stress. Keep it regularly mowed to eliminate weeds.
In the vegie patch
Ø  Keep water up to the pots and the ginger and whatever else may be growing - not the best time of year for vegies. Empty beds should be covered with mulch.


Jobs to do this month
Ø  The front hedges may need another trim this month.
Ø  Divide and pot up broms.
Ø  Refresh and repot any pot plants – maybe even hanging baskets.
Ø  Check whether there is anything in the greenhouse that needs potting up as well.
Ø  Water every day if it isn’t raining.
Ø  Mowing and edging will be fortnightly. .Keep the blades a bit higher to avoid stress.
Ø  Give the fernery a good clean out.
Ø  Think about filling any bare patches in the garden with groundcovers.
In the Vegie Patch
Ø   Still too hot for planting.
Ø  Keep water up to the pots and the ginger. The rest should now be empty and covered in mulch.
Ø  Towards the end of the month dig in compost ready to start planting in March/April. 

Jobs to do this month
Ø  The garden will need fertilising again – maybe mushroom compost, well rotted manure or dynamic lifter.
Ø  Keep the water up to everything.
Ø  Do some pruning of shrubs (and possibly weeding) along the back fence, in the D garden and the circle.
Ø  Check that mulch is still in place after the rain.
Ø  Hopefully the grass will start to slow down now – 3 weeks between mow and edging??
In the vegie patch
Ø  Get the vegie patch up and going again.
Ø  Tomatoes and cucumbers could be planted.
Ø  Also beetroot, carrots seeds can be planted.
Ø  Salad greens.could be started in seed trays in the shadehouse.  

Jobs to do this month
Ø  Clean up D garden, the circle and along the side fence. Give them a good lot of compost.
Ø  Cut back shrubs, coleus and vines.
Ø  Watering should be about once a fortnight by now.- except for ferns which should be twice a week.
Ø  Spread garden lime over the lawn.
Ø  The garden shouldn’t need fertilising this month unless there's been a lot of rain.
Ø  Think about planting seeds for some spring flowering annuals.or flowers for pots over winter.
In the vegie patch
Plant potatoes, peas, tomatoes spring onions – also leafy greens such as lettuce, Asian greens, broccoli and silverbeet.

Jobs to do this month
Ø  Trim front hedges
Ø  Cut gingers, cannas and heliconias back and cover with a thick layer of mulch.
Ø  Remove any dead fruit that falls from around citrus trees and put up some fruitfly baits.
Ø  Clean up leaves from around the frangipani trees.
Ø  Trim hibiscus in pool area. Also check whether strelizias need to be thinned out.
In the vegie patch
Ø  The vegies should be in full swing by now. Plant out any empty areas with lettuce, spinach, parsley, etc.
Ø  The need daily watering and feeding once a fortnight.
Ø  Leafy greens need to be fed more often than fruiting / flowering plants like tomatoes and peas.
Ø  Cut asparagus back and cover with mulch. 

Jobs to do this month
Ø  Clean up the pavers in the utility area and get rid of weeds.
Ø  Do a clean up and weed removal for all pathways and edges. Even though the lawn doesn’t need mowing as often, the edges will still need doing.
Ø  Give the lawn a feed with Dynamic Lifter for lawns.
Ø  Keep an eye on the citrus and clean up any dropped fruit.Also give them some fertiliser and water in well.
Ø  Cut back the rest of the gingers, cannas and heliconias that have finished flowering.
Ø  Get a load of mushroom compost and refresh gardens that need it.
In the vegie patch
Ø  Revitalise the pots of herbs – may need some new ones or repotting old ones.
Ø  The ginger could probably be harvested now. Check to see how much root there is.
Ø  Keep up the water and fertiliser to the vegies.
Ø  We should be harvesting by now. As empty spots appear, fill with more plants to keep a continuous supply. 

Jobs to do this month
Ø  Clean up the bamboo area and the rainforest area.
ØReplenish mulch in the rainforest area if needed and clear pathways.
Ø  Use the excess bamboo leaves as mulch around the garden.
Ø  If there are any aphids on leaves, spray with white oil.
Ø  Give the citrus trees some Seasol.
Ø  Don’t forget to still water the fernery.
Ø  This is the best time to get rid of bindii from the lawn. – It needs to be dug out.
In the vegie patch
Ø  Potatoes, peas, tomatoes, strawberries,
Ø  Leafy greens- silverbeet, lettuce, Asian greens, broccoli
Ø  Daily water & fertiliser every fortnight
Ø  Weed and mulch 

Jobs for this month.
Ø  While the weather is cooler it’s the best time to get landscaping jobs done in the garden. (Possible examples: Put up a trellis for the passionfruit near the tank, construct pathways, put in irrigation systems ready for the warm weather.)
Ø  It’s also the best time to get rid of weeds in the garden. Control bindii and other weeds in the lawn now before they set seed and spread.
Ø  Fertilise the lawn with Dynamic Lifter for lawns. Areas needing it should be top-dressed and/or aerated now too.
Ø  Put up fruit fly bait near the citrus trees. Pick up fallen fruit and bin it. Plus give the trees a feed.
ØThe garden needs watering about once a week at this time of year.
Ø  We often get a couple of frosts in August so resist the urge to prune anything that can be damaged by frost this month.
Ø  Give the front and side garden near the house a tidy up. Cut off dead strelizia flowers, weed and mulch.
In the vegie patch
Ø  The greens need to be fertilised every fortnight but the flowering plants tomatoes and peas don’t need so much at the moment.
Ø  Watering should be done in the mornings to prevent disease from wet plants overnight. Pots and vegies need watering every day still.
Ø  We should be harvesting tomatoes, snow peas and snap peas, spinach, broccoli and spring onions. Also rocket, bok choy and most of the green leafy herbs (basil, parsley coriander) will be doing well.
Ø  Towards the end of August, think about digging in some compost to areas that have finished producing, ready for Spring planting.
Jobs for this month
Ø  Prune everything that is looking ratty. The Poinsettias need to be cut right back to about 50cm tall. That includes the snowflake bush near the pergola. Hibiscus need to be cut back by approx. 1/3.
Ø  Start to ramp up the compost bins with the prunings or use them as mulch around the garden. Add some comfrey leaves.
Ø  Everything needs a good feed of fertiliser especially the heliconias and the cordylines and crotons (Dynamic lifter and a bit of potash) and then a good mulch. The frangipanis need a generous handful of potash as well to help them start to bloom.
Ø  Any of the cannas that have become compacted need to be dug up and replanted. Some of the heliconias and ginger may need replanting too.
Ø  This is also the time to take cuttings and get them going in the greenhouse.
Ø  Dig up and divide any hippiastras that need it as well as clumping plants such as liriope and diantes.
In the vegie patch
Ø  A busy time – dig through some compost, potash and blood & bone ready to plant the warm season vegies.
Ø  Plant watermelon and rock melon in the large bed. Also fill the garden beds with carrots, lettuce, radishes, beetroot, silverbeet, beans, sweet corn and cucumbers.
ØWater the vegies, pots and ferns daily. The rest of the garden needs approx watering weekly.
Ø  Put up some fruit fly baits near the vegie patch and try near tomatoes as well.
Ø  Rosellas should be started in seed trays now ready to plant out in a month or so. 

Jobs for the month
Ø  Dig up and replant the hippeastrums, if not already done. Don’t forget to give some away.
Ø  If not already done, the hedges at the front will need pruning.
Ø  Tidy up the gardens around the pool area and clean the pavers ready for swimming season.
Ø  Consider also oiling the pergola floor.
Ø  Most of the garden will need watering about twice a week by now – don’t forget the side gardens and along the fence.
Ø  Fertilise the lawn…. And the gardens need another lot of fertiliser as well – every month over the warmer months. This month maybe a foliar feed (complete) or some blood and bone.
Ø  Take some cuttings and get them going in the shadehouse.
Ø  Check that the entire garden has a good covering of mulch.
In the vegie patch
Ø  Watering every day and keeping up regular feeding is important at this time of year.
Ø  If not already planted – cherry tomatoes, eggplant, capsicums, chilli,  cucumbers, watermelons, rockmelons, lettuce, radishes, beetroot, silverbeet, beans, Asian greens, rosella, and sweetcorn.
Ø  This is the last chance to plant any of these. It will soon be too hot.
Ø  The ginger should be coming on well now. It needs a good feed and lots of water. 

Jobs for the month
ØPrune callistemon now before they set seed.
Ø  The entire garden needs fertiliser again – blood and bone or mushroom compost and a foliar spray. The heliconias and the gingers need plenty of food and water at this time of year to produce flowers.
Ø  The lawn will need mowing and edges done about once a fortnight. It doesn’t need fertilising at the moment until after Christmas.
Ø  Consider buying / planting day lilies. They are usually in flower and for sale at this time of year.
Ø  Clean the pavers on back patio to get rid of algae.
Ø  Give the garden near the back patio a good tidy up and get the BBQ ready so we can use it over summer.
Ø  Check whether there are plants in the greenhouse that should be planted out in the garden.
In the vegie patch
Ø  Mainly it’s just keeping up the water and keeping down the weeds from now until the end of summer.
Ø  It’s getting too hot to plant anything. Maybe some Asian greens, spring onions or beans.
Ø  Hopefully we are harvesting corn, eggplants and melons.
Ø  As beds are emptied, dig in some compost and cover with a really thick blanket of cane trash to stop weeds. 

Jobs for the month
Ø  Keeping up water to everything, if it hasn’t rained will be the biggest job this month.
Ø  General tidying and maintenance – so when we have visitors we can show off the garden.
Ø  Remove stems that have flowered from cannas and from heliconias and gingers. (both of which could probably be given a bit more fertiliser this month.
Ø  Think about Christmas lights and what we want to do.
Ø  Mowing will be fortnightly I’m guessing. (depends on the rainfall)
In the Vegie garden
ØToo hot to plant anything – gingers and herbs will still need water.

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